Our Mission: Chosen to Shine is a Christian organization that cultivates servant leadership in young adults by providing opportunities to serve on international and domestic mission teams.

Why Chosen to Shine?
In the Fall of 2014, our daughter was considering a career in nursing. She asked me if I would join
her on a medical mission with our church. I wholeheartedly agreed to join her. The following month we
experienced the unexpected, tragic loss of our oldest son, nine weeks into his freshman year of college.
Needless to say, I was no longer prepared to serve on a mission, let alone in another country. The day
after I explained that we could no longer afford the mission trip, our church called to tell us that
someone stepped up to pay BOTH of our fees for the mission. At that point, I felt led to serve no matter
the circumstances. Three months later, we were on a plane to Honduras. I was terrified and wondered
how I would be able to serve when I could barely think or sleep. On the first day, I was assigned to
evangelism. SERIOUSLY? For as long as I could remember, I attended church and did “all the things,” yet
I had truly never shared my faith outside of our church building. The magnitude of this responsibility
overwhelmed me. I took my feeble notes and sat with a translator – in fear. It’s funny how we believe
we are in charge of things. Suddenly, a young woman sat down in front of me ready to hear my words.
Hesitantly, I asked if she knew Jesus. She quickly responded through my translator – “Yes, I know Him
and I AM ANGRY WITH HIM.” Oh NO! My first experience wasn’t going so well. I asked her why she
was angry. The following words the translator spoke forever changed my life – “Because HE took my son!” I
knew right then WHY God placed me there. He knew months before our loss where I needed to be.
During that week, there were at least a dozen women that shared the loss of their children with me.
Each year I return with new friends to see what God can do. God willing, I will share it with you. Mama C

Missions are life-changing opportunities for both those we serve and us!  We are a medical mission team serving the people of Tegucigalpa, Honduras June 3 – 10th.  This will be our 7th year serving in Honduras. We partner with the World Gospel Outreach in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.  The WGO is an established (since 1984) non-profit that partners with other nonprofits providing much-needed medical and Christian care to the people of Honduras.  Please visit their website for their history and mission.  wgoreach.org  The website details a sample team schedule, costs, mission house expectations, WGO history, and a packing list.

To see is to better understand. Below is a link to our 2020 serve team mission!

 Chosen to Shine Honduras 2020

We encourage students – high school 16+ and college to join us. We offer a $500.00 scholarship to all students that serve with us. It is a wonderful opportunity to learn and witness servant leadership. We are a medical mission team. Students in the medical field will be shadowing our Nurses, Dentist, and Optometrist. If you are not in the medical field, there is plenty to do! We need help in all areas of our brigade from the medical stations to the children’s area and evangelism.

If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 618-978-9700. Peace & Blessings! Chosen to Shine